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The Evolution Softworks team features over three decades of experience in technical consulting and developing customized technology solutions.

M. Simon Cavalletto

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Simon, with kitten

Matthew Simon Cavalletto is the lead developer at Evolution Softworks. He has acted as project lead for many web application development projects, and is also the primary architect of Evolution's technology strategy. His expertise includes the design of systems at the information, software, and infrastructure levels.

After attending Stuyvesant, he studied for several years at the New School, Columbia University, and Cooper Union before leaving to work as a freelance technologist for several New York City financial service firms, where he provided graphics production, custom database application development, and deployment of mixed-platform local area networks. After working briefly on the front-end of Pipeline, an early online service, he was hired as a programmer at MindVox, Manhattan's first public ISP. He was one of the original members of the Evolution Online Systems team at its founding in 1994, and the managing partner for over four years. With Evolution's reorganization at the end of 2001, he is now the proprietor of Evolution Softworks.

E.J. Evans

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Piglet, with chihuahua

E.J. "Piglet" Evans is a software developer at Evolution Softworks. With over fifteen years of Internet experience, she combines an understanding of how people use networked technologies with the full-cycle software development expertise needed to build new systems from the ground up.

E.J. studied computer science at the College of Charleston, and computing theory at Univesty of Glasgow. After graduate work in artificial intelligence at Virginia Tech, she spent over ten years as a software developer in a variety of companies and institutions ranging from Texas Instruments and Bell Labs, to new media startup Voyager Co. She has also presented papers on software development at technical conferences. She joined Evolution Online Systems in 1995, and managed several of the team's largest projects. She is currently available for consulting engagements through Evolution Softworks.

Eduardo Iturrate

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Ed, out of focus

Eduardo Iturrate is a database developer at Evolution Softworks, where he designs structured storage systems for business data and implements supporting RDBMS configurations and business logic software. He also develops web interfaces and automated processes to enable online control of business processes.

He holds a BA in Psychology from Cornell, and a Masters in Social Work from Columbia. Prior to joining Evolution, he served as the medical records coordinator for the Special Needs Clinic at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, and created and managed medical records database systems for a needle exchange program in New York City and two hospital clinics in New Jersey. He worked at Evolution Online Systems for three years.

Richard Jolly

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Richard, with Frances

Richard Jolly is a senior developer at Evolution Softworks. In recent years, he has acted as the lead developer for several substantial software projects, including the inventory and fulfillment subsytems for two major e-commerce sites. He has also contributed development effort towards several of Evolution's resuable e-business class frameworks.

He studied Sociology and Semiotics at the New School, and spent several years traveling in the Czech Republic, the Caribbean, and Ireland. He spent several years providing document layout and graphics production services to New York corporations before joining Evolution in 1996.

Additional Consultants

Evolution maintains relationships with a variety of independent consultants and interactive service agencies in order to source specialized services such as visual design, web marketing, multi-media production, abd network and systems engineering. Should their support be necessary, Evolution will assist with the selection of a vendor and manage services from these firms as needed to design, deploy and maintain a client's system.

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