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WhenU.com Case Study

Evolution provided the application server and network infrastructure expertise WhenU.com required to scale up their recently-launched web service to meet an ever-growing demand. The WhenUShop service uses a browser extension to provide users with information on e-commerce sites, mandating fast response times and high reliability for the web application servers that supply this information. Under Evolution's direction, a series of revisions were made to Apache configurations and Perl module usage that increased speed and overall capacity of the application server by a factor of twenty. Evolution also selected, configured, and deployed additional servers and a load balancing solution for extended capacity and improved failure tolerance.

Our Role

Simon provided initial consultation and ongoing support; directly supervised initial systems build-out and deployment.


Technologies used in this project include: Apache, Perl, MySQL, Linux, Intel Servers, Layer 4 switching


Windows users can download the plugin for detailed shopping information.
CNet designated WhenUshop as a "pick" in their review.

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